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The Misfits - January 07 1983 Dearborn Michigan (Live)

Published 1983

An audio/video recording of the horror punk band The Misfits. Recorded for the cable access TV program "Why Be Something You're Not". Filmed in a storage room at Group W Cable in Dearborn, Michigan on January 7, 1983.

This recording has not been officially released and only circulates as a bootleg.

01. Earth A.D.
02. Band Introductions
03. Interview With Glenn Danzig
04. I Turned Into A Martian
05. Skulls
06. Devilock
07. Queen Wasp
08. Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?
09. Hate Breeders
10. Braineaters
11. Halloween
12. Bullet
13. Horror Business
14. We Are 138

The Misfits:
Glenn Danzig (Lead Vocals)
Jerry Only (Bass Guitar, Vocals)
Doyle (Lead Guitar)
Robo (Drums)

Run time 25:48
Audio/Visual Mono, Color


(Shown At The End Of The Video. Mostly illegible)


Reviewer: horrorbob1 - - July 6, 2007
Subject: the misfits
this is a great find for any fan of the misfits,there is tons of clips and video of a song or two taken from this video and to have the hole thing is just great not many people i think no or have this video atleast the younger generation dont no of this and i think is a a great vid for any fan
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